The Haunting at Danford Cabin

When a woodsman hears the disembodied cries and whispers of his not-so-dearly but recently departed wife, his search for the source brings him to an unexpected and violent confrontation.

  • Directed by: Craig Anthony Perkins
  • Written by: Craig Anthony Perkins
  • Produced by: Craig Anthony Perkins, Debora Jo Myers
  • Edited by: Craig Anthony Perkins
  • Cast: Craig Anthony Perkins Debora Jo Myers

Posted: Apr 5
Length: 3:00

User Comments

Louvel on Monday, 4.16.12 @ 1:55am

First off I am not the biggest fan of claymation. That being said I can see that you have a good eye, and the scenes are well set up. Your subject material is simple and works with the semi-silent treatment, and I really liked that about it. :-) It doesn\'t hurt that I am an Occultist ... so I vibed with the style, but everyone likes a good horror scene... right? ;-) It was remarkably spooky for being short and if you turned down the lights, which I did with the second watching, the sound was good and spooky. These were my honest feelings about it .. But the final point and probably the most important was that you did this with a I-phone!! When I read that, my appreciation for it went from good to great!! And I am more impressed by what you accomplished. Can\'t wait to see the next one you do.

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