Dinner With Floy Floy

Over a quiet dinner, a young couple discuss the fact that they haven't gone dancing in quite a while.

  • Directed by: Scott Eriksson
  • Written by: Scott Eriksson
  • Produced by: Scott Eriksson
  • Edited by: Kinga Orlikowska
  • Cast: Craig Avera, Jessicia Perrault

Posted: Jul 19
Length: 1:50

User Comments

author30 on Thursday, 9.16.10 @ 3:19pm

Excellent short movie. Highly recommended.

Eric Dobson on Thursday, 9.16.10 @ 1:36pm

Love the sound mixing & editing. Also like the visual setup. Liked how it turned to oldtime look at end to go with the music. Wonderful short.

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