UPCOMING DEADLINES: November 14, 2014
AWARD ANNOUNCEMENTS: 15 days after deadline.


SHORTSNONSTOP, an initiative of the Canadian Film Centre’s Worldwide Short Film Festival. SHORTSNONSTOP is a year round online mobile film festival that you can experience anytime or anyplace.


In each award period, 10 finalists will be selected. From the Top 10, one winner will be selected and awarded a cash prize of $1500 (CAD).

New Web Series Development Assistance – sponsored by iThentic.

For those web series that are seeking development assistance, iThenitc now offers one content-creator per prize period assistance in development in the form of script consultation, advice on creating a proper pitch package and an introduction to key members of the web industry.


All categories and genres of short film and web series are accepted, including drama, comedy, animation, horror, sci-fi, documentary, experimental and music videos.


  • All intellectual property (copyright, music, trademarks, logos, etc) must be cleared
  • English language (spoken or clearly subtitled) or no dialogue only
  • Running time ten minutes or under
  • Any country of origin acceptable
  • Completed since January 1, 2007
  • Previous short film festival screenings acceptable
  • No porn, no extreme violence
  • Must be copyright cleared


The Festival programmers will view all submissions and select the top 10 finalists. A Jury will select award winners. Decisions of the programmers and Jury are final.


Participants will be notified via email, please ensure that you provide a working email address.


SHORTSNONSTOP will retain non-exclusive online rights, including IPTV to the top 10 films submitted to SHORTSNONSTOP for a period of one year.

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